Markanday names Ghanshyam


One day, Markanday Rushi arrived at Dharmadev’s residence in the guise of a brahmin. Dharmadev welcomed the rishi. When he realised the rishi was an astrologer, he said, “O Maharaj, please conduct my son’s naming ritual. He is 3 months old now.” 

Hearing Dharmadev’s request, Markanday rishi was very pleased to name Ghanshyam and said, “O Hariprasadji! This son of your’s will destroy all your worries and all those who take refuge in him. And as he is born in the Karka raashi1, I shall name him Hari.” 

The rishi continued, “O Hariprasadji, your son’s complexion is dark, and will tug the minds of his followers towards him. Also, as he is born in the Chaitra month, he will be renowned by the name Krishna. Joining both the names, he shall be named Harikrishna.” 

“Also, your son has the sign of a flower in his palm, and the soles of his feet are decorated with various symbols such as octagon, fish and half-moon. These signs suggest your son will be a leader of thousands. In the fields of asceticism, tapascharya, knowledge, yoga and religion, he will be comparable with Lord Shiva. So he will become known as Nilkantth.” 

“Additionally, your son will have many benevolent attributes. He will show many people his heavenly abode in meditational trances and make them his followers. He will protect you from all calamities.” 

When Markanday rishi stopped, Dharmadev gave him many gifts and clothes. The rishi received the gifts with pleasure. Leaving Dharmadev’s home, the rushi went into a trance caused by Ghanshyam Maharaj. In the trance, Ghanshyam Maharaj said to him, “O muni, in due course of time come to the Gujarat region. There you shall meet me.” 

Markanday rishi left Dharmadev’s home with his disciples and arrived at Narayan Sarovar, where Dharmadev came to see them off. Markanday rishi turned to Dharmadev and said, “O Hariprasadji, your son Ghanshyamji is Lord Purna Purushottam of Akshardham and the cause of all manifestations.” 

The rishi then went to Meen Sagar to the north where a seat has been constructed. There the rishi stayed one day and night with his disciples and meditated upon Ghanshyam Maharaj. Then the entourage travelled to Ayodhya and on to Prayag Raj (Allahabad) thereafter. 

In this way, summoned by Ghanshyam Maharaj via the trance, Markanday rishi arrived in Gujarat after some time and met Shreeji Maharaj at the town of Unjha. He was then initiated with Maha Bhagwati Diksha and renamed Mahanubhavanand Swami by Shreeji Maharaj.