Dharmadev Renunciation Of His Body


Dharmdev, too, was not well for a long time. He had come to know about his departure from the earth. He assembled all his relatives after Bhaktimata’s death and said to his eldest son, RamaPratap, “O RamaPratap, the burden of this house now lies on you. But you are angry by nature. So I want to tell you one thing that you should never tell an angry word to Ghanshyam. God will take care of the rest.” Saying this, he withdrew his mind from all worldly matters and annexed it to God. He said, “Now my only wish is to hear God’s name.”

God’s name means Bhagvat-katha- Shrimat Bhagwat. Soon Rama Hari Pandit was sent for. He started the Bhagwat recital. Dharmdev listened to the Bhagwat exactly for seven days. He saw all these incarnations of God being absorbed in the being of Ghanshyam. Thus he became sure of Ghanshyam’s all incarnations into his one Being. The Katha (Recital) was over. Dharmdev became one with the Eternal Being of God. And in this trance he left his body.