Here There and Everywhere

Ghanshyam visited all the temples in Ayodhya, in the morning before breakfast and also in the evening before supper. Ghanshyam however spent most of his time in Ram janma bhoomi, (the birth place of Ram bhagwan) and also at Hanumangadhi. He would sit quietly, attentively listening to the katha and singing devotional kirtans.

One evening, Ghanshyam went for darshan at Hanumangadhi where the Ramayan was being recited. With his thoughts completely overtaken by the recitals, Ghanshyam lost all track of time and failed to return home at the normal time for supper. By this time Bhaktimata had become very worried as Ghanshyam was usually very punctual. She therefore sent Rampratapbhai in search for Ghanshyam to bring Him back home.

Rampratapbhai thought to himself that Ghanshyam was more than likely to be at one of his favorite temples, so he set off for Hanumangadhi first. Rampratapbhai did his darshan and then noticed Ghanshyam sitting in the sabha. He quietly went up to Ghanshyam and whispered in His ear, ""let's go home, mother is waiting."" Ghanshyam seemed reluctant to leave and replied, ""Let me sit till the end of the katha and meanwhile, you can go and have darshan of the other temples."" Rampratapbhai agreed and decided to visit the next mandir where the Bhagwat Geeta was being recited. Rampratapbhai did his darshan, turned around and suddenly paused with surprise as he saw Ghanshyam sitting in the sabha listening to the katha. Rampratapbhai was confused and thought to himself, "How can Ghanshyam be here before me? I left him sitting at Hanumangadhi and he did not pass me on the way!" He walked up to Ghanshyam and again whispered, ""Let's go home."" Ghanshyam once again replied, "Let me hear the rest of this katha, then we shall go." "Very Well then" said Rampratapbhai, "this will give me time to have darshan of Shiv Mandir and I shall meet you on my return." Rampratapbhai did darshan of Shiv, whilst the Shiv Puran was being recited. Rampratapbhai was about to leave, he saw Ghanshyam again sitting in the sabha. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, double checking to see if it was really him and again wondered how Ghanshyam came to be there also. Again he walked wearily towards Ghanshyam and requested Him to return home with him. "Rampratapbhai" Ghanshyam said, "please go to Hanumangadhi and I will be there soon." Rampratapbhai agreed. This time however, Rampratapbhai was determined to arrive at Hanumangadhi before Ghanshyam could possible get there. He decided to walk as quickly as he could. Rampratapbhai raced to the mandir where the Ramayan recitals were about to conclude. Huffing and puffing Rampratapbhai said to himself, "ahhaa! Surely I have arrived before Ghanshyam now!"" He looked over the sabha and suddenly became rooted to the spot where he stood in disbelief. There was Ghanshyam listening to the recitals, sitting exactly where he had first left him, as if he had not even moved. Rampratapbhai thought, Ghanshyam was in Ram Mandir, in Shiv Mandir and also here in Hanumangadhi; which one of these is the true Ghanshyam?

The katha concluded and Ghanshyam rose and calmly whispered, ""Rampratapbhai, lets go home."