Laxmiji Visits her Husband

One day, Bhaktimata was teaching Ghanshyam to walk. She gave her index finger to Ghanshyam to hold, and led him from one side of the forecourt, to the other. Then she led Ghanshyam from the house to the Chhapaiya’s village square. After a short rest there, Bhaktimata led her son back to their home. 

Near the home, there was a tamarind tree. As Bhaktimata & Ghanshyam arrived there, Laxmiji appeared with her friends, to have darshan of her husband’s pass-times. The females all sat beneath the tree without anyone noticing them. 

Watching Ghanshyam’s childhood acts, Laxmiji sent one of her friends to the house, saying “Sakhi, take the form of a bird and fly over to the door and sit there. Let’s watch what he does.” 

The female-turned-bird tried to fly but was not very good at it. She lost height as she was flying over Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam released himself from Bhaktimata and stretched his arm out and caught the bird! As soon as Ghanshyam caught the bird, he lost his balance and fell to the ground, with the bird tightly held in his hand. The bird started to shrill. Flapping her wings and still shrieking, the bird tried to escape. 

Seeing this, Bhaktimata got worried. Thinking the bird would peck Ghanshyam and hurt him; she attempted to grab the bird from his hand. Just then, the bird returned back to her normal image and became a lady. Adorning her effulgent body with highly embroidered clothes & ornate jeweller, she stood up. She put her hands together and prayed to the child-form God, “O Maharaj, I became a bird on the say so of Laxmidevi. I must have hurt you with my beak and wings. I am really sorry, please forgive my insolence.” 

Hearing the lady’s request, Ghanshyam responded by instructing her, “Go to the Gujarat region. There you will meet me again.” 

Laxmiji and her other friends approached Ghanshyam and Bhaktimata and bowed before them both, touching their feet. Ghanshyam said to them all, “You shall all come to the Katthiawad area of Gujarat. You shall all have my presence there.” 

Hearing Ghanshyam’s blessings-filled words, Laxmiji and her friends again bowed to Ghanshyam Maharaj, touched his feet and flew off into the air, and vanished towards the heavens. 

Bhaktimata was so excited by this event, that she told everyone in Chhapaiya of this event. The village residents were amazed at what they heard, but nevertheless very pleased at what had happened. 

Dear reader, are you excited enough by this event to repeat it to others?