Shreeji Maharaj comes to the aid of His devotees

On this occasion, Shreeji Maharaj was residing in the village of Kariyani. Devotees Sagraamji & Muljibhai were on their way, from their respective villages, to have darshan of Shreeji Maharaj. 

On the way to Kariyani, the two companions arrived at Mount Saalemaar. Travelling through the hilly terrain, they lost their way and headed towards the direction of the hideout belonging to the Parmar dacoits of Muli. 

Omnipresent Shreeji Maharaj realised the two devotees were lost. He assumed the image of a cow herdsman, and approached the lost travellers. 

“Where do you want to go?” Shreeji Maharaj inquired of the travellers. 

“We want to go to Kariyani”, replied Muljibhai. 

“You have left Kariyani behind you”, informed the herdsman-Shreeji Maharaj, “you are clearly lost! You are heading for the territory of the Parmar looters. You will surely be robbed!” exclaimed Shreeji Maharaj. “Come with me. Let me show you the correct way. My cows have gone to graze in your direction.” 

The herdsman shouldered his stick and led the two devotees towards Kariyani. On the way, Shreeji Maharaj led the two to drinking water and quenched their thirst and he removed thorns from Muljibhai’s feet. He led them on to Kariyani. 

Upon arriving at the village outskirts, the herdsman said, “This is Kariyani. Go on in. My cows have gone in the other direction, so I shall go after them.” Moving closer to Kariyani, Muljibhai & Sagraamji turned to have one last look at the herdsman who saved their skin. To their amazement, the herdsman had vanished! They searched to see what had happened to him. But, their search was in vain. 

Having given up the search for the herdsman, Muljibhai & Sagraamji entered Kariyani and had darshan of Shreeji Maharaj in the durbar of the Kaatthi ruler. Then they began to tell Maharaj of their journey and about the herdsman. 

Shreeji Maharaj interrupted the story telling, “If we had not taken the dress of the cow herdsman and shown you the correct route, you would have been robbed and taken away!” 

Thus Shreeji Maharaj came to the aid of his choice devotees Muljibhai and Sagraamji.