Cucumber Leela

Once upon a time Shriji Maharaj was encamping at Jetalpur. The devotees prepared a swing on a bunyan tree. The swing was fitted with fine cushions. Maharaj sat in it. What a fine scene! A fine red cloth tied on Maharaj's waist, a white KHESH (a dupatta) on shoulder, a white turban on head, a stick in one hand, and PADUKAS on feet.

Saints swing Maharaj very gently. parsada used to fan him with a fan of gold handle. Thousands of devotees madly enjoy the Darshan of Maharaj. Some blows conch-shell. Some plays on crystals. Some plays on drum. Some plays other instruments. All used to enjoy.

Maharaj swung on a swing. There was a great rush of devotees. Devotees were standing with floral garlands in their hands. Maharaj was stretching his hand to accept them. He, at times, was accepting on his leg. He was accepting someone's garland on head.While other's garland was accepted directly on the neck. He was accepting someone's garland on a stick.

Both the hands of Maharaj are full of garlands. He keeps someone's garland on the branch of a bunyan tree. Both the ends of the stick in Maharaj's hand are laden with garlands. Only the central part of the stick is vacant. Then Maharaj holds that sticks on his shoulders like KAVAD. Now he appears like a naughty young KANAIYA out to tend cows.

This Hindola-Leela was in process. At that time there arrives a Brahmin from a distant land. He is a poor Brahmin. He clothes are tattered. He has come after a long journey. He had the only hope of Maharaj's Darshan. He is poor. He had nothing to offer to Maharaj yet he never wanted to have Darshan empty-handed. Hence, he brought two cucumbers in both his hands. He protects these cucumbers as if his life. He stands in a corner among great rush. He prays in his mind. “Lord, I am a poor man. How can I cross the rush? I am poor and crouched. It is not proper to stand amongst this gathering. But I am helpless I am very much anxious to fall at your feet. I keenly desire to offer cucumbers to you. Only for that purpose I have come here with great difficulty. Now everything is in your hands. The person who thinks that everything lies in the hands of Maharaj, Maharaj does take care of that man. Maharaj did take care of the Brahmin.

All of sudden, Maharaj got down the swing and moved towards the Brahmin, crossing the great rush. The crowd gave way to Maharaj. Everyone was surprised to see Maharaj's untimely going. Maharaj cross the crowd. He reached that Brahmin, stretched both his hands to accept Brahmin's offer to two cucumber, one in right hand and the other in the left.

The Brahmin's joy knew no bounds. His goal was reached. There were tears of joy in his eyes. He prostrated at the feet of Maharaj. Maharaj arranged for his stay and food. Maharaj said to a devotee, “serve this Bhakta with food etc.” The Brahmin said “What ? Does Maharaj worry so much for me? Does he take so much care of me? He should. Why should he forget his devotee when he looks after the whole world?”

Thus Maharaj returned to his seat. On way to his seat, he began to bite cucumbers in both of his hands. He would eat once the cucumber of his right hand, and at the other time from his left hand. Maharaj went on eating cucumbers in presence of thousands of people.The surprise was that he was relishing the cucumber and not sweets.The value of those cucumber that have no value at all, has become, more valuable than sweets to day.

Maharaj sat on the swing and continued chewing the cucumbers. All eyes turned towards Maharaj. Maharaj was chewing the cucumbers Wonderful! Wonderful! What a grand Leela! What a wonderful cleverness!

Muktanand Swami was among the devotees. He joined both his hands and said to Maharaj, “It won't do if you eat all alone. We must have our share of the offering.”

Maharaj laughed and said “This is the offering of my devotee.” “We also are greedy for it. For us it is the offering of both, of God and of a devotee,” said Swami.

“Then take it but please don't eat all alone. Distribute among all devotees and saints,” said Maharaj. Swami distributed it among the saints and devotees and he took it at the last.

This lesson is based on the incident/episode “SATSANGI BHOOSHAN” written by Varneeraj Vasudevanand Swami. SATSANGI JEEVAN and SATSANGI BHOOSHAN are two great religious books. They have the same level as those of our religious scriptures. Saints and devotees continuously head these books. The teacher shall show the Gujarati translations of these books to his students. The charged volumes are written in Sanskrit poetic style.