He Is Mine And Am His

Once upon a time, a certain Shastri told Shriji Maharaja, there will be your praise far and wide, if you show a miracle before a great man.” “ I have no such fond relation with a great man,” Said Shriji Maharaja “ Why do you know ? ”continued Maharaja, “ Such a great man has a pride for power and wealth.

Whereas we have pride for determination and devotion. If I arrange for a trance to a big man, he would offer me the ownership of a town or a piece of land. But I don't have greed or temptation for such a thing because people wish for temptation to get happiness, while the greatest happiness is in meditating and worshipping god.

Such a happiness is never to be found anywhere in the whole universe. I help to get a trance only to that SATSANGI who devotes his whole life for the worship and devotion of God. Yet I don't insist upon that even. Insistence is for only god's worship and to keep good company.“ One who worships and meditates God whole time, thinking I am his and he is mine.”