Muljibhai’s Son Passes Away

For some years, one Muljibhai of Limbdi village lived in Gadhada, working for Dada Khachar. One day, Muljibhai’s son fell ill in Limbdi. The family members sent a messenger with a letter explaining the situation, asking Muljibhai to return home to his ailing son. 

Muljibhai approached Shreeji Maharaj and reported, “Maharaj, my son is ill and my family has sent this letter with a messenger to take me home. What should I do?” 

Shreeji Maharaj sympathised with Muljibhai, “Your son is ill. You cannot do without going home. Go to your son and send me good news about him.” 

Muljibhai bowed at Shreeji Maharaj’s lotus feet and took leave. As Muljibhai was about to step away, Shreeji Maharaj stopped him. “Mulji come back. If your son was to leave his body, would you be distressed?” 

Muljibhai replied, “O Maharaj! If you take him to Akshar Dham, how can I be distressed?” 

Shreeji Maharaj explained to Muljibhai, “In his last life, your son was a sadhu. He had some unaccomplished desires and was born in your home to fulfil them. I have taken him to Akshar Dham. So, go bathe in the river and wash away your sutak.” 

Muljibhai did as Maharaj instructed. He returned from the river Ghelo and bowed at Maharaj’s lotus feet and felt no sorrow for his son’s death. Such was Muljibhai’s steadfast faith in Shreeji Maharaj.