Muktanand Swami Meets Nilkanthvarni

Because of the power of the penance, the idol of peace, all the saints very surprised and started talking to each other: We have seen so many saints but none like Varniraj who are of such a tender age. Their penance and the young age! He surely is no ordinary person. He might be the living sun or the moon itself. It seems that penance itself has taken form and come to us. By doing their service, Ramanand Swami will greatly be pleased. So all the saints started paying their services to Varniraj. Once Varniraj asked saint Muktananda Swami:”O Muni! You are a great scholar. You are known amongst all the saints. Can I ask you one question: What is the difference between Jiva, Ishwar, Maya, Brahma and Parbrahma; what are their qualities and differences?” Muktananda Swami replied:”Jiva resides in all the three bodies of every living organism. The senses operate through the co-ordination of the inner mind.

Jiva is eternal. It cannot be divided or cannot be penetrated. Ishwara resides into the heart of the Jiva and through many qualities controls the creation, functioning and destruction of the universe. Maya is the one, which makes Jiva more attached to the body. It creates attachment and affection for the mortal body. It is inert and full of darkness. It is the power of God and is ignorant. Through devotion, true devotees of God can skip the jaws of Maya. Now I will tell you the qualities of Brahma. It is infinite, complete, integrated and has two qualities, with and without form and without any deformities and is the abode of God. Parbrahma is known with many names like Narayan etc.

It is independent, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, truthful and knower of everything. It is the one, which controls all the factors like Maya, time etc. and is the only one to be worshipped. O Varniraj! I have replied you as per my knowledge. Our Gurudev knows the best. Our Guru can see all five of them and can show them to their disciples.” Hearing this from Muktanand Swami, Varniraj became very pleased and said that this answer is quite correct. Until now no one has ever given me such an appropriate reply.

I have asked the same to many scholars but none have given me such a satisfactory answer. Muktananda Swami then told that they have never seen such a divine Yogi like Varniraj. Paramatma stayed in the Ashram of Loj. No one could reach them in the divine Brahma Knowledge. Even the saints knew that they were no ordinary human beings. They might be lord Paramatma themselves or an incarnation of Lord. Varniraj used to stay in the Ashram and used to do kirtans and kathavarta with them.