Hurricane Relief Help by Indian Hindu Temples in Research Triangle

Indian Hindu Temples in Research Triangle, North Carolina helped Hurricane Florence Victims in Jacksonville, NC.  On Sunday October 14th about 12-15 Hindu temple leaders visited Hurricane affected area (Jacksonville, NC) to distribute relief supplies to needy family.  Items including household supplies, food, kid’s school supplies and school reading books there were needed by these families.  Sujal Patel from Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple (ISSO) had decided that we should do something to local community that were affected in our own state of North Carolina.  When it comes to helping others, we Indian community are always there to help but it takes lots of effort to coordinate this kind of event. This time we were determine to help and we will do whatever we can to do so. 

Mr Patel Called Dr. Jaylant Parikh (President of THAT - Triangle Area Hindu Temples) to combine effort of this hurricane Florence relief.  We jointly adopted 10 families whose homes were complete under water and were in need help.  We have purchased everything they need to start home (Juicer, Over, Pots, Pan, Chinaware, Spoons, Food, Blankets and many other items).

Due to water damage they lost everything in their home and don’t know where to start.  We have also adopted 20 schools kids and donated schools supplies they will need start their school.  We have also adopted Northwoods Park Middle School’s kids and donated over 1000+ books to Assistant School Principle.  We have partnered with Local Indian Dr. Swetang Patel (Jacksonville, NC) whose office help coordinate this effort and allowed us to use his office to distribute goods and supplies to needy family.  We are so proud of our effort and felt really good on helping people you have never met or know before. We are really fortunate that we have gotten this opportunity to help our local community.


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