Kamika Ekadashi

Kamika Ekadashi falls on the 11th day of the dark half in the month of Ashadh. Bhagwan Shree Krishna narrates to King Yudhisttir, “O King, in the dialogue of Lord Brahma to Naradji (depicted in Brahmvaivratt Puran), the vratt of Kamika Ekadashi is of great importance and yields great values to whoever performs it. One who reads and listens to this discourse achieves much greater deeds of hosting many yagnas. One who follows this vratt to the highest standards receives great benediction equivalent to that of visiting all places of pilgrimage and bathing in holy lakes and is also incomparable to the many donations given to the poor, temples, and other such saintly activities.” 

This vratt fulfils ones wishes and is the giver of happiness to this world and the next and also up-lifts oneself to the highest path of spirituality. This vratt eliminates one from getting attached to the worldly desires and connects one to the ultimate happiness of God. Keeping the Kamika Ekadashi vratt also declines one from elevating to the path of Yampuri (Narak – hell) ever. 

On this day of Ekadashi one must perform due respects and poojan to the Almighty Supreme God with fresh flowers and tulsi leaves. One must keep a divo (holy candle) in front of God and sing His praise with great joy and perform continuous devotion. During the night, one should perform jagran, sing bhajans, kirtans and chant the name of Bhagwan Supreme. 

As written in the Puran, whoever performs this vratt to the fullest elevates and achieves a divine place in the heaven Vaikunth.