Satsangi Bhushan

Authored by the brahmachari-saint Vasudevanand Varni on the orders of Sahajanand Swami, Satsangi Bhushan mirrors Satsangi Jeevan in almost all respects. 

The core difference between Satsangi Jeevan and Satsangi Bhushan is the latter names each and every village Sahajanand Swami travelled to and through. It recalls the names of all those who were fortunate enough to witness and experience Him, describing how Shreeji Maharaj interacted with them. 

As Shreeji Maharaj says in Shikshapatri, the depths of this Sampraday can be found in its scriptures. They are too numerous to list. It is however possible to say that all will have links to the above named. It is also possible to say that if such scriptures cannot be linked to the above, they probably are not scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampraday.

Download and view Satsangi Bhushan below:

Part 1 (Gujarati)
Part 2 (Gujarati)
Part 3 (Gujarati)
Part 4 (Gujarati)

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