Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kalupur - Adhik Maas

General Events
Friday, 18 May 2018 - Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kalupur, Ahmedabad - Swaminarayan Mandir Road, Zaveriwad, Kalupur, Ahmedabad
Gujarat 380001, India
+91 79 22132170
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Shree Swaminarayan Temple Kalupur will be hosting various events during the month of Adhik Maas. Please see poster for more details


Shree NarNarayan Dev Maha Abhishek - Friday 18th May 2018
Mangla Aarti at 5:30AM
Maha Abhishek from 6:30AM to 7:00AM
Shangaar Aarti at 8:30AM
Ankoot Darshan and Raj Bhog Aarti at 10:10AM
Ankoot Darshan from 10:10AM to 1:00PM

Vasant Panchmi Haveli - Saturday 19th May 2018
Maha Abhishek from 7:00AM to 8:00AM
Ankoot Darshan from 8:30AM

Ramnavmi & Shree Hari Jayanti Samayo - Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Aksharbhuvan Bal Ghanshyam Maharaj Maha Abhishek at 6:30AM
Shangaar Aarti at 8:30AM performed by Acharya Maharajshri and Lalji Maharajshri

Vaman Jayanti - Saturday 26th May 2018
Rang Mahol Ghanshyam Maharaj Maha Abhishek from 6:30AM
Shangaar Aarti at 8:30AM performed by Acharya Maharajshri and Lalji Maharajshri

Kesar Snaan Abhishek - Wednesday 30th May 2018
Kesar Snaan Maha Abhishek from 6:30AM

Samuh Maha Pooja - Sunday 3rd June 2018
Maha Pooja from 8:00AM to 11:00AM

Ankoot Darshan, Govardhan Poojan - Wednesday 13th June 2018
Ankoot Darshan, Govardhan Poojan at 8:30AM

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